Padlock Types

Padlocks come in all shapes, sizes, costs and security levels. Don’t be fooled into thinking any old padlock will do.

“What you are going to use the lock for, determines the type of padlock you need”

There are two varieties of padlock: open and closed shackles. Open Shackle padlocks are designed with the shackle fully exposed and Closed Shackle padlocks are designed with limited access to the shackle to provide a higher security level.

Quality padlocks are classified in accordance with The British Standard BS EN12320 and European Standard CEN EN 12320 which details performance requirements, security grading and test methods such as corrosion resistance and the level of security provided.


“Checking the padlock rating ensures you have the correct padlock for the job”

In addition to individual padlocks being used for ‘one off’ applications, we are able to advise and supply padlocks keyed alike or under a master key so that one key can open all the padlocks in your system. This provides convenience and security at the same time.

A range of padlock accessories are available such as chain cut to any length, padbars, hasp and staple etc.

Padlock Ratings

The ratings are straight forward with the highest being 6:

For assistance in choosing the correct padlock for your needs, contact AUTHORIZED ACCESS where our fully trained staff will guide you through the selection process.

Padlocks & Chains

When combining a padlock with a chain, the most important thing to do is consider that the gauge of the chain is the equivalent size to the shackle of the padlock.E.g. 8mm chain used on a 10mm shackle padlock.

By using a smaller chain or padlock with its opposite counterpart you are only providing a weak point to either the chain or shackle. This will make your purchase more expensive but it will give you more security and protection of your motorbike, bicycle etc.

When choosing your combination of padlock and chain always aim for the strongest possible combination and take into consideration what the chain is going to be used against. For instance, if you’re looking at securing a motorbike it would be best to aim for a chain that has a protective cover surrounding it so as the chain does not scratch or damage the paintwork on your motorbike, while if you’re using the chain against a gate the protective cover would not be needed.

All padlocks and chains come with a security rating and if mixed and matched, the security rating will fall to the lowest rating.

Padlock and Chain

The Stronghold range of Squire Chains encompasses the TC, G and J ranges. All offer very high security, ideal for locking perimeter gates, substations, heavy goods vehicles etc. These chains would be recommended where there is an increased health and safety risk to the public or employees. Any chain displaying the Sold Secure logo has to undergo extensive and prolonged attack tests. This range achieves Gold and Silver, proving that they are worthy of the respected Stronghold name.

By using a padlock with a restricted key you not only ensure that keys can’t be copied but if you were to ever lose your key you know that you would be able to get a replacement key quickly and securely ensuring that you wouldn’t have to cut off your own padlock or chain!