Domestic and Commercial Safes

We are a Master Locksmiths Approved Company with over 20 years experience supplying and installing domestic safes, which means our trained staff are able to assist you in selecting the right safe for your needs. We have a comprehensive range of safes displayed in our showroom.

At Authorized Access we sell safes as well as providing a full range of safe services. We deal with most popular safe manufactures in the UK and can advise on the most suitable safe for your needs. If you already have a safe but have lost keys or forgotten the safe combination code then Authorized Access can help.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Supplying, fitting or installing safes
  • Opening safes
  • Safe maintenance
  • Re-keying safes
  • Cutting additional safe keys

Why buy a safe?

You may believe ‘it will never happen to me’ but the sad fact is that burglary and fire are happening to people and businesses every day. If you believe in insurance you will already be covered for most types of loss but the items or documents “lost” often cannot be replaced and insurance is, therefore, incomplete protection.

“It is very difficult to ensure you will never be a victim of crime however the presence of a safe offers an additional security barrier to safe guarding your valued possessions”

Modern safes are high security, lightweight and inexpensive. They can be resecured if you move premises, easily concealed and be aesthetically pleasing in order to fit with your surroundings.

Domestic Safes from Authorized Access Domestic Safes from Authorized Access

What would I keep in a safe?

Cash, Jewellery, passports, personal documents, items of sentimental value, medication and anything you wish to protect.

“Remember – Always use a Master Locksmiths Association ‘Approved Company’ when choosing a safe for your home. You can be assured that our trained staff will provide a quality service with integrity to give you total peace of mind.”

For assistance in selecting the correct safe for your needs, contact AUTHORIZED ACCESS where our fully trained staff will guide you through the selection process.