Alarms and CCTV

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Alarms and CCTV are complementary to any effective security system, providing enhanced security to existing physical measures.


The idea of an intruder alarm is to try and deter a potential burglary occurring at your home or business, and to an extent it works a treat.

If your house is alarmed and another house just up the road isn’t then your house is a lot less likely to get targeted

A burglar does not want to attract any attention, he just wants to get in with as little fuss as possible take what ever he wants and leave to go on to the next house, if he triggers an alarm system it could obviously ruin his entire day, noise is his worst enemy because it attracts attention.

Alarms and CCTV systems from Authorized Access

Types of Alarm System

  • Audible only (Bells only)

    The alarm sounds at the premises only. Response is reliant on somebody contacting the police to report it.

  • Monitored

    The alarm sounds at the premises and a signal is sent to an alarm receiving centre. For more information on this service, please contact our sister site Safecell

  • Wire free (radio)

    Easy to install but more expensive than a wired system

  • Hard wired

    More reliable and cheaper than wire free, but takes longer to install.

Points to consider when choosing an alarm

  • The more isolated you are, consider the benefits of monitoring.
  • With a monitored system you should have a personal attack button, these normally rate highly on police response lists and almost guarantee a police response (Within locally agreed service delivery standards).
  • Wire free alarms are convenient and particularly useful in rented accommodation where you may not be allowed to make any alterations.
  • Wired alarms generally cost less but are normally much more reliable.

It may be convenient to use a hardwired system for the majority of an installation and combine the versatility of wire free devices for awkward to reach areas which you may want protecting such as a garage, shed or workshop.


Statistics point to major reductions in the amount of crime being committed where there are cameras installed.

We are sure that you would wish to avoid having to catch those who are perpetrating crime against your home or organisation but generally, once a Camera system is installed, it will only be fools who attempt to perpetrate offences within its field of view. These are often caught but for the majority it will provide a very high level of deterrence.

Once a Camera system is installed, it will only be fools who attempt to commit offences within its field of view.

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